Bulk Toilet Rolls

Here you'll find our range of toilet tissue products available for purchase. We stock a variety of different types available from traditional toilet rolls to system-specific rolls available to buy in bulk. 

Because of the large bulk quantity most of our toilet rolls are available in, we tend to find more demand from commercial and contract cleaning clients. We do however offer domestic toilet tissue as well as familiar household names - so whether you're looking to buy cheap bulk toilet rolls or a branded toilet roll such as Andrex; you’ve come to the right place.

We sell bulk toilet roll in  quantities from packs of 6 to packs of 40 rolls. Not only that, but all of our toilet rolls are made from 1-ply, 2-ply or 3-ply material to give you complete choice over the quality of your roll as well as the quantity. Browse our full wholesale toilet roll options below.


Toilet tissue paper is a requirement for any and every business around the world, and it's essential in the home too. That’s why demand is always high. As toilet roll suppliers, it’s our duty to make sure we keep your workplace stocked on time and at an affordable price. That’s why we’re working closely with our suppliers to give you an easily accessible range of products all the time. Supply your staff, customers or family with one of life's basic requirements.

You can buy our bulk toilet rolls in large quantities, with packs of up to 40 rolls available. Choose from 1-ply, 2-ply or 3-ply toilet rolls so that you get the right quality to match the requirements of your business or home.

Where can you use our wholesale toilet paper? 

Although our supplies are chosen for commercial customers (restaurants, bars, offices and all types of businesses), they can also be used in the home. We have a selection of conventional toilet rolls that are ideal for domestic use, as well as bulk toilet roll of different types designed to be used with various dispensers.
We have interleaved toilet tissue, jumbo toilet rolls, smart toilet rolls, and system toilet rolls. All of these products are chosen to offer you a choice of products that will work for you and your home or business.

A leading bulk toilet roll supplier

As an experienced and reliable supplier of cleaning supplies and other day-to-day goods, we offer accessible high quality toilet tissue paper to our customers all the time. Our products give you a variety of options to choose from thanks to the help of dedicated paper manufacturers. The varying ply options means that you can choose the quality that you need and keep to your budget too.
In addition to standard toilet rolls, we have types of tissue paper that are designed for specific dispensing systems. Find the right products for your business's needs, from jumbo toilet rolls to interleaved tissue. Buy individual large rolls that offer many metres of tissue paper, or multipacks of rolls for your home or business. From household names to more generic and commercial products, you can select the best product for your property.

What brands do you stock? 

We stock a range of domestic brand names, including Andrex, Quattro and Kimberly Clark. We also offer several commercial brands, such as Northwood Hygiene, ESP, Tork, Capital, Allied Hygiene, Bay West, and Katrin.
Why Express Cleaning Supplies?
  • Affordable prices - find the cheapest toilet rolls wholesale from Express Cleaning Supplies and save money by ordering your supplies in bulk. 
  • Reliable supplier - with over 35 years as a supplier of cleaning goods, we have built a strong reputation as a reliable company. We can offer advice and expertise when it's needed using our extensive experience and knowledge.
  • Rapid delivery - we try to deliver most orders within three working days when delivered within the UK mainland. If you’re looking for wholesale toilet rolls fast, get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through faster shipping options.
  • Choice of ordering methods - order in the way that you want to, with option for phone ordering, email, fax, post or ordering online.
Choose Express Cleaning Supplies as your toilet tissue suppliers and you will always have a solid stock of one of life's most essential products. Contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.