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Express Cleaning Supplies has a wide range of cleaning chemicals ideal for any cleaning job. We are providing only the highest quality cleaning products from leading brands and helping you to tackle every type of cleaning job with ease.

What Are Cleaning Chemicals?

Cleaning chemicals play a key role in keeping your home and business hygienic. They are an essential part of any daily cleaning task from floor cleaning, surface cleaning, window cleaning, washroom cleaning and more. Cleaning products are specially formulated to remove grease and oil, decrease and control allergens, remove dust, moulds and other infectious diseases. Cleaning efficiency is increased when using cleaning products like: Bleaches Dishwashing products Disinfectants Laundry detergents Degreaser Mould and mildew remover

What can our Cleaning Chemicals be used for?

At Express Cleaning Supplies you will find a wide range of cleaning chemicals suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and tasks. You can find cleaning chemicals that come in 480ml spray cans, 750ml trigger sprays and 5-litre containers for bulk refilling. Here at Express Cleaning Supplies, we are constantly striving to be your “one stop shop” as much as possible, and this means supplying a cleaning chemical and application ready for any job. On Express Cleaning Supplies you will also find accompanying cleaning products like mop and buckets, floor cleaning machines, general housekeeping and more.

Most of our chemicals contain antibacterial agents to not only remove dirt, soil, and other grime but also kill germs that may otherwise get members of your household or your work colleagues ill. Chlorinated cleaning products also help protect against flu outbreaks, and other foodborne illnesses - perfect for schools, hospitals, daycare facilities and restaurants. Most recently, antiviral products have seen a massive surge in demand for their stronger resistance to enveloped and undeveloped viruses.

We also supply a growing list of these chemicals to help further protect your home or business. If you can’t find the exact product you are looking for you can get in touch with us on 01622 714 800 and have a chat with our cleaning experts.

What brands do we stock?

We have handpicked the best brands and products for our customers. We stock house hold brands from Dettol to Domestos to commercial brands like Bio Productions, Clover, Evans, SC Johnson, Selden, Winterhalter and more. You can check our helpful links to see everything that we stock. Some of our most popular products are:

  • Virosol Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser x 5 ltr
  • Spray & Wipe x 750 ml
  • Eco Logik Multi-Surface Cleaner x 750 ml
  • Brillo Cleaner & Degreaser x 5 ltr Citra Clean x 5 ltr
  • Selden Cream Cleaner x 500 ml

These brands offer high-quality chemical cleaning products that have helped people clean their homes and businesses for years.

Why Express Cleaning Supplies?

When it comes to your cleaning products, you should be able to trust the supplier. Express Cleaning Supplies pride ourselves on offering our customers the following: Competitive pricing - Our extensive selection of cleaning products is ideal for any budget, from household cleaning to large scale businesses, and clinical establishments. Our pricing is competitive and fair, for both organisations and home cleaning.

  • A reliable supplier - We specialise in supplying professional cleaning products. With over 35 years providing a wide range of cleaning products, we have built a reputation that can’t be matched. Always putting our customers' needs first.
  • Fast Delivery - If we have your order in stock, we aim to deliver all orders within three working days. If you require urgent delivery, call us on 01622 714800, and we will work out a solution for you.
  • Health-conscious - we not only stock chemical cleaning products, but we also offer a range of natural “green” cleaning products too. We know that one of the critical things for many businesses and homes is eliminating viruses from surfaces. Which is why we only stock trusted brands.
  • A regular supplier - you can rely on us to get your cleaning chemicals to your on-time, every time. Not only that but if you need advice or information on products, we are more than happy to help. Express Cleaning Supplies is the first choice for regular cleaning supplies.

With over 35 years of experience in cleaning products, we are only too happy to help you. If you need advice or help to choose which cleaning products and cleaning chemicals are perfect for your needs then you can get in touch at any time. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to assist you in getting the products you need, exactly when you need them.