Floor Scrubber Dryer Chemical Cleaners

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What are scrubber dryer chemicals?

Scrubber dryers are specialist machines used to clean floors via a series of rotating brushes. They require a specialist, low foaming scrubber dryer chemical detergent in order to clean the floor effectively. Standard floor cleaning chemicals are usually not suitable for use with these machines and can cause a lot of damage if used incorrectly.

What can scrubber dryer chemicals be used for?

There are many different formulations of scrubber dryer chemicals. Some are formulated for standard floor cleaning and other contain special formulations designed to lift up grease, oil and heavy dirt.

Dry scrubbing machines and their chemicals are used in many sectors, including schools, hotels, care homes, doctors surgeries and gyms. They are suitable for daily cleaning of high traffic areas as well as restorative, less regular cleaning.

It is important to choose the right scrubber dryer chemical for your model of cleaner and the surfaces which you will be cleaning.

We also stock a wide range of the leading scrubber dryer machines and their accessories. View our range of scrubber dryer models here.

What brands do we stock?

Express Cleaning Supplies stocks a number of brands designed to work with all leading scrubber dryer models including: Clover Diversey Mirius NuMatic Selden

We stock products suitable for everyday cleaning and specialist formulations designed to remove oil, grease, tough dirt and stains.

Which brand do I need?

The type of scrubber dryer chemical you need depends on a number of factors including your current scrubber dryer model, the types of surfaces you need to clean and the type of dirt you need to clean. Always ensure that the chemical you choose is suitable for your machine to prevent damage.

Why Express Cleaning Supplies?

  • Great value - cleaning and maintaining your home or business premises is important but we understand that you need to keep costs under control too. That’s why we stock products that are good value for money and reliable.
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If you would like to ask a question or discuss your cleaning product needs, please get in touch using the website contact form or call us on 01622 714800.