Replacement Broom Heads

Here you'll find our range of Broom Heads, available in both traditional brush broom heads, and modern hygienic washable broom heads.

Both types can be used for most mop and broom handles, simply attached by clicking into place.

Our broom heads range in type not only from traditional to hygienic, but also in terms of brush stiffness, widths and colour.

Depending on the task involved, brush stiffness can play an important part - width and colour choice obviously depends on your preference.

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  Keeping your business or organisation clean isn’t just about appearances. It’s also to do with ensuring the health and safety of your staff, colleagues, and customers. There are many ways to keep various areas at your premises clean.


One of the simplest methods of ensuring clean and safe floors is sweeping any debris away and disposing of it correctly. As you can imagine, brooms can become worn over time and need replacing. But, did you know that it’s almost always more cost-effective to replace broom heads rather than buying new brooms complete with handles?


What are broom heads?


In a nutshell, replacement broom heads are the parts of brooms that make contact with surfaces like floors. They’re typically constructed with either stiff grass (broom-corn) or plastic bristles and wood or plastic bases.


Most broom heads are detachable from the handles, making them convenient and cost-effective to maintain. Regular use will eventually wear down and so will need periodic replacement.


At Express Cleaning Supplies, we stock a wide range of replacement broom heads. We make it easy to purchase them as broom heads bulk buys so that you’ve always got replacements to hand for your premises.


Why do broom heads bulk buys make sense?


If you’re in charge of the cleanliness and maintenance of your premises, you’ll undoubtedly need cleaning supplies. Large buildings, in particular, will have a greater demand for sundries.
Broom heads bulk buys make sense because you can keep several spares in stock at all times. That’s especially useful if you’ve got large areas or several floors to maintain each day.
Another reason broom heads bulk buys make sense is that you’ll save money. For instance, each time you order, you have to pay for shipping costs. And last but not least, you’ll have a stock to deal with any emergency cleanup situations.

What types of broom heads are available?


At Express Cleaning Supplies, we sell a wide range of broom heads to fulfil a variety of requirements. For example, broom heads bulk buys are available from nine inches to thirteen-inch widths, giving you plenty of choice for any degree of work.
Our range of products are available in several different colours. You can mix and match if you fancy a change every so often. Or, you can colour-code your broom heads for different rooms, departments, or floors at your premises.

We also stock broom heads made with natural or synthetic material. If you need a particular type or size of broom head, contact our friendly team today for guidance on 01622 714800. We’d be more than happy to help you.

The brands that we stock are some of the leading names on the market, such as Hill Brush and Robert Scott. We only sell high-quality products for your peace of mind.

Why use Express Cleaning Supplies?


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