Floor Cleaning Products

Stubborn stains and wear on regularly used flooring can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know how you’ll get rid of them. However, specialised floor cleaning products can help resolve this issue, with tailored chemicals, polishers and cleaning applicators to complete commercial and residential cleaning tasks effectively.

Express Cleaning Supplies stock a wide range of products designed to ensure your shop floors, restaurants floors or office floors are maintained to a high standard. We cover the entire process of floor clearance, from edging tools that leave floors sparkling right up to the skirting board, to targeted chemicals for tough and stubborn stains. View our floor cleaning products below.

We stock a complete range of floor cleaning equipment and accessories, from mops, brooms and sweepers for general maintenance to cleaning chemicals, polishes and waxes to keep your floor looking at its best.

We also provide a range of replacement goods such as broom heads and floor pads for different cleaning machines. Mopping systems and buckets are also available for making big tasks easier to handle. We supply and stock a wide range of well established brands from Diversey's Carefree range to 3M high performance floor pads.

Looking to speed things up a bit? Why not take a look at our cleaning machines category to see our full range of vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, pressure washers and scrubber dryers!

You can even lease floor cleaning machines! Contact our sales team now to get a quote today.

What counts as a floor cleaning product?
A floor cleaning product includes all items involved in the process of washing floors both commercially and domestically. It covers tools like:
  • Cleaning brushes - mops, brushes, floor pads, sweepers and squeegees
  • Polish products - applicators, waxes, sealers, polish strippers and polish maintainers
  • Chemical products - scrubber dryer chemicals and general floor cleaning chemicals
  • Support tools - floor signs, floor mats and floor paints 
Do Express Cleaning Supplies cover cleaning for different floor types?
Express Cleaning Supplies provides support for a range of different floor types, including heavy duty scrubber drier detergent for industrial floors. We cater for stone floors, marble, terrazzo, wood, tile and even cladding. If you can’t find a floor cleaner for you, contact our team at [email protected] to find out which product is required for your floor.
Can you provide equipment for cleaning machines?
We provide chemical cleaning equipment for a range of machines and suitable for a range of scrubber dryers. Many of the items come with a link to the relevant machine so you can be certain you are buying the right product.
Which brands do Express Cleaning Supplies provide?
We stock Selden, Clover, Carefree, Numatic, Evans and our own brand to support direct applications to floors and installation in a scrubber drier and other floor cleaning equipment.
Why work with Express Cleaning Supplies?
  • COVID-safe - We value the safety of our employees and customers, which is why we are now stocking COVID-tests, more PPE equipment and many more sanitising solutions. 
  • Cleaning expertise - Our team is instilled with 35 years of cleaning knowledge, which is why you can trust us to supply only the highest quality materials and brands. If you’re not sure what you're looking for our Customer Service team will be happy to assist.
  • Value for money - We are competitively priced and can combine our floor cleaning products with a range of floor cleaning equipment to support your commercial cleaning needs. Our experts regularly check competitor pricing to make sure our customers are getting the best value for money.
  • Fast turnaround - Our delivery turnarounds are three working days, with flexible options for faster delivery.
  • Warranties you can trust - We offer 12-month return-to-base warranties on all our machines, to ensure that your purchases are working efficiently.  Our returns policy gives you the freedom and re-assurance that faulty machines will be checked and repaired to the highest of standards.
At Express Cleaning Supplies, we know that commercial floor cleaning can be a hassle. Let us make it easy with our effective solutions that take the stress out of stubborn stains, grease and grime. Contact us today for more information on our products and services.