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Scrubber Dryers

We have a huge range of floor scrubber driers, all available via the categories below. We supply a wide range of machines from leading suppliers including Karcher, Numatic, Truvox and Victor which are available in various specifications such as walk-behind models, sit-on and ride-on models. Every scrubber dryer we have is useful for most if not all floor cleaning task depending on your requirements, budget, and how regularly you expect to be using the machine.

As with all of our products we only stock the most professional scrubber dryer machines, those with great history, reviews and proven commercial cleaning ability.

Not finding the right machine for you? Check out our full range of floor cleaning machines here.


How do floor scrubber dryers work?

 If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful floor cleaning machine then a scrubber dryer is a great option. As the name suggests, they’ll clean hard floors with a mixture of water and cleaning chemicals whilst drying the floors too, much like a 2 in 1 system. Industrial scrubbing machines function with a rotary cleaning machine coupled with suction capabilities (similar to a vacuum cleaner) to allow both cleaning and drying to happen simultaneously. This ultimately saves you time and money in the long run. 

Where can you use our industrial scrubber dryers?

We have a range of scrubber drier machines that you can choose from based on your needs, be it for domestic or for industrial purposes. The majority of our machines are designed especially for commercial jobs or contract cleaning.  
Here are factors you’ll need to consider when buying a scrubber drier:

Type of surface - As every surface is different, make sure you choose your floor scrubber appropriate to the surface that you will be using the machine on. For example, you might use a smaller scrubber for domestic homes whereas industrial flooring requires a machine that you can use on the regular..

Cleaning area - Are you looking to access tight isles or are you cleaning large open spaces such as car parks or industrial areas? You’ll want to choose an appropriate size machine for each specific job. 
Power source - You’ll may also need to consider ease of use. We supply battery-powered scrubber driers to prevent cable snagging as well as mains powered if you’re looking for a machine with more power. Mains powered machines are naturally cheaper than battery-powered and will be more effective on rougher floors. A battery-powered machine is great for light to medium-duty tasks where you can sacrifice power over mobility.
Tank capacity - A higher tank capacity means you won't need to pause cleaning to refill the machine as often. Generally, the price increases with the capacity. 
Brush width - The wider the brush, the larger the surface area you’ll cover but you’ll also lose an element of detailing and control.
Ride-on or walk-behind scrubber driers - If you’re covering a very larger area, you’ll want to consider a ride-on machine which can help reduce fatigue and increase comfort. 

What brands do you stock? 

We have Karcher, Numatic, Truvox and Victor branded scrubbers dryers and they come in various specifications - from walk-behind models and to sit-on or ride-on models.
Why Express Cleaning Supplies? 
Right pricing: Our machines have competitive prices - our aim is to provide affordable and cost-effective scrubber drier machines for commercial usage that could be used for different settings.
Quick delivery: If your required floor scrubber dryer is in stock, then we aim to dispatch your machine the same day or next working day. In case of urgent requirement, give us a call on 01622 714800 and we can accommodate your needs as much as possible.

Reliable supplier: We are experts in the industry and have been providing reliable scrubber dryer machines since our inception over 35 years ago. We have built a great reputation for reliability as well as expertise and advice.  

Lease options: Depending on your requirement, and the brand of scrubber drier machine that you need, we offer leasing and renting options. From monthly services to other renting options, get in touch with us to know more.

If you need any help or advice on which scrubber dryer model, brand or type you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our product experts by dropping us an email or a quick phone call. We look forward to speaking with you.