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Fogging machines are a must-have for businesses that need a high quality mass clean in a short space of time. They’re highly effective for bulk sanitising washrooms, kitchens, staff rooms, touch areas, high volume areas. The usage of fogging machines helps to keep the virus at bay alongside your regular cleaning policies and bulk hand sanitiser, hand soap refills and antibacterial surface wipes. 


What are fogging machines?

A fogging machine is a piece of equipment that sprays a fine mist that contains a chemical solution to remove viral matter from surfaces. This method of sanitising is becoming one of the most popular ways to work towards COVID secure status, helping businesses to stay open as long as possible. A fogger machine can spray up to twelve meters, covering a wide area without leaving a greasy residue on the surfaces. Introducing a fogging machine into your business will help to maintain your reputation and protect the public from infection.


Spraying at the end of each day (or during a break in the day) will allow the spray to marinate and eliminate germs on contact. It can also enable the air to clear as the mist can linger in the air and be unpleasant for people to inhale.


What are the main places that need a fogging machine?

Although every business needs a fogging machine to ensure that the cleanliness level is at the level expected, fogging machines are now being adopted in: Dental Practices, Care Homes, Crematoriums, Vet Practices, GP Surgeries, Gyms, Cafes, Children Play areas and any places that the public visit. 


Which fogging machine is best for me? 

There are multiple professional fogging machines that we offer. We provide a simple sprayer that can be easy to transport for its handheld size, or if you have lots of rooms to clean, then the backpack could be the option for you. It is a quick and easy way to spray anything from the floor and surfaces to outdoor benches and children's play areas with a complete kit. 


We stock a range of high quality fogger machines and offer support should you need it for any reason. Some of our products are battery powered and some of the larger machines use mains power, so make sure you read the product descriptions in detail before making a purchase. Need help deciding? Call us on 01622 714800. 


Why Express Cleaning supplies?


We are a reliable cleaning supply business that have been supplying professional equipment for over 30 years. We offer great customer service and short lead times so you can receive your products as quickly as possible. 


If you need any advice or know more about our fogging machine, don't hesitate to contact us on 01622 714800 and our trusty staff members will pair you with the right fogging machine for you and your business.