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The Veltia line of hand dryers offers powerful, fast and efficient hand drying in any washroom environment.

Veltia products are sold in over 79 countries around the world due to high demand and popularity, with their first UK product being released in 2006. So why Veltia? Well their V7 range of hand dryers are the first of its kind to utilize 300 jets of air blown on both sides of your hands without needing to move them. Because of this, hands are clean and dry in a matter of seconds. The F series of hand dryers also offer quick drying action in a variety of designs (the F1, F3 and F5). Then there's the Eco-Owl range. Children themed hand dryers with the power and efficiency of the original F5 hand dryer, but with sleek and colourful designs to help encourage children to keep hygienic and clean.

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