Hand Towels

Hand Towels

Here you'll find our range of Paper Hand Towels available to buy online. These are sold in bulk and at wholesale prices, and are a cheaper alternative to a hand dryer, or paper towel dispenser.

Ideal for commercial premises, these hand towels are sold in thousands of sheets at a time, with pack quantities ranging from 1000 sheets in a pack for the more luxury hand towels, through to 3600 in a pack where towels are 1-ply.

These are also sold in varying colours, with white, blue, and green all being popular choices.

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1-Ply C-Fold White Hand Towels x 2995
From £17.40 inc. VAT
Fine Touch 2Ply White Z-Fold x 3000
From £20.28 inc. VAT
Quattro Premium 2-Ply White C-Fold Towels x 2430 Sheets
From £17.70 inc. VAT
2-Ply White Interfold Luxury Hand Towels 3000 sheets
From £21.00 inc. VAT
1 Ply Blue C-Fold Hand Towels x 2880
From £16.20 inc. VAT
1 Ply Blue Interfold Hand Towels x 3600 Sheets
From £19.08 inc. VAT
Tork Premium Zig-Zag Fold Hand Towels x 3000 Sheets
From £35.40 inc. VAT
Kleenex Ultra 2Ply Interfolded Hand Towels 15 x 124 Sheets
From £50.89 inc. VAT
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