Window Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Without a doubt one of our best selling groups of products is our superb range of window cleaning supplies. From microfibre cloths to buckets and window cleaners themselves, we're proud to be able to provide one of the most extensive and highest of quality cleaning products online here at Express Cleaning Supplies. Tackle the tough but necessary task of window cleaning with our window cleaning products today, and see your windows be sparkling clean all year round.


Windows can often become the filthiest part of your property. With all the rain we have throughout the year - combined with dirt and dust blown by the wind - your windows can turn into grime-infested things that are hard to look at!

To make matters worse, cleaning windows is a hard task. How do you get everything clean without leaving watermarks or signs of smearing? Well, it all starts with the right window cleaning supplies, and that’s where we come in! Express Cleaning Supplies has such an extensive range of excellent products you can use to clean your windows. To matter how filthy your panes of glass are, we’ve got something that will leave it spotless.

What window cleaning supplies do you offer?

We always pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of products for you to choose from. Our window cleaning supplies are incredibly popular, largely thanks to the variety of different items available.

Express Cleaning Supplies can set you up with window cleaning kits, accessories, applicators, cleaning cloths, detergents & chemicals, scrapers, indoor cleaning supplies, and so much more. We have something for everyone! Whether you need some extra window cleaning detergent or a full-blown cleaning kit, there’s bound to be a product that suits your requirements.

Where can our window cleaning equipment be used?

Seeing as there’s such a broad range of items, you can use our window cleaning supplies anywhere you want. We have options for indoor window cleaning, and we even supply telescopic poles to help you safely clean the outside of your home or office building.

Our window cleaning products can also be used to clean your car windows, and we have options that are suitable for cleaning shower screens and other glass materials. Basically, if you have a dirty window, then you can use our window cleaning supplies to tackle the job!

Why Express Cleaning Supplies?

Competitive Pricing - We know that window cleaning is an essential part of property maintenance. The chances are you’ll buy window cleaning supplies over and over again. So, we keep our prices as affordable as possible, ensuring you pay a fair price for everything.

Reliable & Experienced - Express Cleaning Supplies was founded over 35 years ago. So, we’re very experienced and have extensive knowledge of this industry. We’re on-hand to provide expert guidance on what window cleaning equipmento buy, how to use them, and any other queries you might have.

Trustworthy Brands - All of our window cleaning products are made by trustworthy brands in the cleaning supplies industry. We only stock items that have been tested and are proven to yield excellent results!

Fast Delivery - When you order from our site, you will get your cleaning equipment within 3 working days. Or, if you’re desperate, we can organise something to try and get them to you quicker.

Do you have any questions or queries on our window cleaning supplies? Call us on 01622 714800, and a member of our team will happily answer everything for you. If you’re ready to purchase the most reliable window cleaning products around, then feel free to browse through our online collection and place your order today.