Toilet Cleaning Products

From brushes to bleaches and hand dryers to urinal screens, we provide a full range of washroom cleaning supplies to ensure your domestic or commercial washing facilities can remain clean and tidy all year round. You'll also find innovative products like the P-Hold and P-Plate to further enhance your washroom and provide maximum hygiene. We sell products from most familiar brands such as Flash, Selden, Domestos, Clover and more.

When purchasing commercial toilet cleaning supplies it can be difficult to know what you need. Do you go for a go for a thick clinging toilet cleaner or a pine scented disinfectant?

Here at Express Cleaning Supplies we stock a multitude of ranges from commercial bathroom cleaning supplies to domestic washroom cleaning jobs. We also provide commercial accessories such as hand dryers, and hygiene monitors to improve sanitation levels for employees and customers alike. View our toilet cleaning products below:


Show your staff and visitors that you care about hygiene 


As a business owner, showing you value your employees and customers safety is vital. Show them you care about hygiene by purchasing one of our modern hygiene monitors, which offer many handy features to monitor your cleaning procedures including a minute by minute countdown to the next hygiene inspection. Advanced Smart models also offer a feedback system so customers can evaluate the hygiene of your washroom. Supplying adequate washroom cleaning supplies for male and female bathrooms is also essential. We stock both feminine hygiene receptacles and urinal freshwater systems to cater to both facilities.


Which washroom cleaning supplies does Express Cleaning Supplies recommend?


At Express Cleaning Supplies, most of our products can fulfill a wide range of criteria, such as cleaning for toilets, urinals, drains, washable surfaces, bidets, sinks and floors. Some of our products like our Fresh Floral Bouquet disinfectant also sanitize bins and waste disposal chutes, so fulfil a multi-use purpose for ultimate value for money.


What washroom cleaning supply brands do you stock?


We stock brands suitable for at-home and commercial use, inducing Quattro, Clover, P&G and Evans. Our brands also extend to washroom technology providers like Veltia and P-wave for hand dryers and hygiene monitors.


Why Express Cleaning Supplies?
  • Save money with multi-use products - at Express Cleaning Supplies, we aim to provide our customers with the best value for money, by supplying multi-use disinfectants, general cleaners and bleaches. We want you to have one product you can use multiple times and won’t try to sell you products you don’t need.
  • Innovative hygiene technology - we stock brands such as P-wave provide top level sanitation technology, from virtually self-cleaning door handles to top of the range hygiene monitors. Our team keeps up to date with the latest in hygiene technology to bring you the best in cleaning supplies.
  • Commercial and domestic customers - we work with a wide range of clients from those looking for domestic products, to those with commercial or industrial-level cleaning needs. At Express, we understand our customers which is why go above and beyond to stock a range of cleaning items.
  • Your health is our priority - we stock health supplies to keep you and your workforce safe. From PPE equipment to COVID-tests, you can rely on us to provide materials that help keep poor-health at bay.
  • An expert customer service team - our customer service team welcomes enquiries of all types. We’re happy to help - give us a call on 01622 714800 to see how we can advise you on our products and hire options. 


Consider Express Cleaning Supplies, your partner for all your cleaning needs. Contact us today for advice on washroom cleaning supplies.