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There is no need to continue stressing about refilling your hand soap dispensers, especially with COVID-19 knocking on almost every door. One of the best ways of ensuring that you, as well as those around you, are well protected, is by having a constant supply of hand soap in your premises. And this is why you need to buy your soap refills in bulk - so you can refill anytime it runs out in the dispenser. Buying in small quantities is not the best idea, especially in this current pandemic.

So, if you are a COVID-conscious business looking for bulk hand soaps to purchase, then you have come to the right place. We have a range of various textured and fragranced soaps from pearlised and odourless to peach smelling liquid for complete personalisation, all in the effort to suit your user requirements. 


What Are Bulk Hand Soap Refills?

Bulk hand soap refills are are used for refilling soap dispensers such as wall mounted systems or even pump bottles. Buying 5 litre units in bulk is preferred by businesses and contract cleaners alike as it saves time and money in the long run. There's no difference to buying bulk or smaller pump bottles, the product is exactly the same.

What Can Bulk Hand Soap Refills Be Used For?

We provide a wide range of different textured and fragranced soaps, from pearlised and odourless to peach smelling liquid - basically any kind of liquid soap you need, in bulk quantities.
Bulk hand soap refills can be used to refill hand soap dispensers whenever they run out of liquid soap. Buying in bulk means that there is little chance of you running out of hand soap. Plus, it also means that you get to save up on a good amount of money. 
Depending on the ingredients of the liquid soap, they can be used for more than the washing of hands. 


What Brands Do We Have In Stock?

We are the official distributors of leading brands such as Capital, Cares, Cleenol, Clover, Eco Logik, Evans, Montague Lloyd, Premier, and Seldon. We also have them stocked in different colours that include blue, off-white, peach, pink, violet, yellow, as well as colourless. Plus, as already mentioned, we offer a wide range of fragrances as well as odourless options for those with some allergic reactions.


Why Express Cleaning Supplies?

A reliable supplier: All of our bulk hand soap refills are stocked regularly. Thus, each order comes with immediate dispatch and fast delivery. Our reliability lies in the fact that we do not run out of stock, no matter what your favourite brand is. You can always expect that we have supplies available to you. Since our inception over 35 years ago, we have racked up an enviable reputation as far as reliability is concerned. Plus, we also offer expertise and advice.


Competitive pricing: Our range of bulk hand soap refills all come at very competitive prices. Our prices are not only fair but also very affordable, whether you are purchasing for your home or for business use.


No matter your need we are here to serve you so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today on 01622 714800.