Refillable Soap and Sanitiser Dispensers

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What are hand sanitiser dispensers?


Hand sanitiser dispensers are devices that enable people to easily apply hand sanitiser gels or liquids to their hand to kill viruses and reduce the spread of harmful infections. You’ll typically find them in ‘high traffic’ locations like hallways, reception areas, and toilet areas.


There’s no denying that hand sanitiser dispensers offer an easy and convenient way for improving hygiene in the workplace and elsewhere. They are simple to use, and they make it straightforward for people to sanitise their hands and prevent the spread of bacteria.


Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it’s even more important that everyone plays their part in reducing the spread of viruses in public. To help achieve that goal, hand sanitiser dispensers can be installed in a variety of public areas.


Hand sanitiser dispensers can be freestanding or wall-mounted, depending on a location’s particular requirements. Freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers are ideal for rooms where space is at a premium, and wall-mounted ones are perfect for large open-space areas.


What are the benefits of hand sanitiser dispensers?


The main benefit of hand sanitiser dispensers is they make it extremely convenient for people to dispense the correct amount of hand gel to effectively sanitise your hands. Users can simply walk up to hand sanitiser dispensers and push or press a button or plunger and clean your hands in an instant. Even better, if filled with a hand gel then there’s no need to dry your hands with a hand towel!


At Express Cleaning Supplies, our range of dispensers are suitable for refillable gels or liquids. This means you can keep a stock of gels or liquids and easily refill the dispensers at your leisure. 


You can install them in any area within your business or organisation, and they’ll blend in with the surrounding decor and styling.


Which hand sanitiser dispensers are right for my business?


Express Cleaning Supplies stocks an extensive range of hand sanitiser dispensers suitable for a number of environments and mounting needs. For example, you may prefer wall-mounted products for open spaces like waiting rooms or hallways.


For areas like bathrooms and toilets, freestanding hand sanitiser dispensers might be a more practical option. 


You are more than welcome to contact our friendly team at Express Cleaning Supplies for advice and guidance on 01622 714800. Alternatively, you can send us an email, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


Which brands are available?


At Express Cleaning Supplies, we only stock hand sanitiser dispensers from leading, high-quality brands. Some of the brands that we offer include Allied Hygiene, Brightwell, Capital, Cleenol, Dolphin Solutions, Joffel, and UTC.


We regularly introduce new hand sanitiser dispensers from existing and new quality brands. Contact us today if you have any questions about the brands that we currently stock on our website.


Why use Express Cleaning Supplies?


Express Cleaning Supplies have been supplying businesses with essential cleaning equipment and products such as hand sanitiser dispensers for almost three decades. Our customers recommend us because of our fair pricing and customer service.