Paper Hand Towels

Paper hand towels are a practical and hygienic dispensing solution for any restroom. They provide an effective hand drying solution, enabling users to dry their hands quickly and neatly. Paper hand towels can also save time and money, as they reduce the need for maintenance when compared with traditional cloth towels which require cleaning and laundering. They are perfect for busy washrooms, offices, or kitchens where convenience is key. In addition to this, their impact on the environment is minimal compared with other types of hand drying solutions, so you can rest assured that choosing paper hand towels will not add to your company's carbon footprint.


Big Savings on Hand Paper Towels

Here you'll find our range of Paper Hand Towels available to buy online. These are sold in bulk and at wholesale prices, and are a cheaper alternative to a hand dryer, or paper towel dispenser.

Finding an affordable and reliable paper hand towel supplier doesn’t need to be difficult. Our range of commercial hand paper towels is able to satisfy just about every hand drying need for any business. They’re ideal for a range of commercial businesses and government ran properties like school so we have made sure all prices are affordable and work around your budget. Yow will get big savings on hand paper towels if you buy in bulk, so why not take a look at our products available below?

A Leading Supplier of Hand Paper Towels

With experience supplying paper hand towels of various kinds to commercial enterprises in the UK, Express Cleaning Supplies is in the best position to help you find the paper towels you need. Our experience is second to none and that’s why we’re a leading supplier in this country. The range we offer is varied and suitable for all needs, so get in touch today for a recommendation..

Where Can You Use Our Wholesale Paper Towels?

We supply our paper products to restaurants, bars, offices, public properties, contract cleaners and other hospitality establishments across the UK. We also offer a wide range of different napkins and tableware for use in catering and bar supplies. Our hand towels are sold in the thousands, with pack quantities ranging from 1000 sheets to 4000 sheet packs, all in different ply thicknesses.

Our range of paper hand towels includes C-Fold towels, Interfold towels, Z-Fold towels, W-Fold and Luxury towels. Each type offer something unique and they’re available in a variety of colours. Our white, blue and green towels are always a popular choice amongst our commercial customers.

Why Choose Express Cleaning Supplies?


  • Expertise and assistance - Our team here at Express Cleaning Supplies are experts in their field and they have an in-depth knowledge of all the products we offer. They’ll be able to offer you all the help and assistance you need when buying from us.
  • Affordable prices - Our prices are kept fair and affordable. And if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to hand dryers, our range of paper hand towels offers the ideal solution.
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  • Plenty of quantity options - The bulk paper towels we sell are available in a variety of quantities. You can a pack of 1000 sheets or a pack with 3600 sheets in it depending on your requirements.
  • Free delivery over £90 - If you spend over £90 on your order, it’ll be delivered to you completely free of charge, helping you to save money on our already affordable paper hand towel products.

We’re always happy to help here at Express Cleaning Supplies. So, if you’ve got any questions about our wholesale hand towels or require any further assistance or information, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01622 714800 or drop us an email via [email protected]. Our staff and ready and waiting to help you.

  1. How to Fold Hand Towels?

    Folding hand towels may seem daunting at first, but with a few simple steps and a bit of practice, you'll have the art of towel folding mastered in no time! The first step is to lay out the towel flat. Next, fold both the top and bottom edges towards the middle of the towel while keeping them aligned with each other. After this, fold the towel in half along the length, still keeping both edges aligned with each other. Then you can begin to make a series of folds going from one end to another starting from the left side. Once finished, you will have a neatly folded hand towel ready for use! With practice, soon you may be able to make creative shapes such as animal figures or hearts!

  2. Are Hand Dryers Better than Paper Towels?

    When it comes to hygiene and sustainability, both hand dryers and paper towels have advantages and disadvantages. Hand dryers can save on costs associated with buying, restocking, and disposing of paper towels but some research suggests that they may not be as hygienic. On the other hand, using paper towels is hygienic but can generate a lot of waste. Ultimately, the decision between using hand dryers or paper towels really depends on individual needs and preferences. It's important for businesses to weigh out their options carefully before investing in any restroom solutions to ensure they make an educated decision that serves their customers without sacrificing hygiene or sustainability.

  3. Are Hand Towels Sanitary?

    When it comes to hygiene, many people question the efficacy of hand towels. Hand towels can offer a certain level of convenience, but they may not be as sanitary as first assumed. In order to maintain optimal levels of hygiene, it is important to understand the impact hand towels can have. Depending on how frequently these towels are changed and the length of use, there is potential for bacteria build-up and transmission that could otherwise be avoided with other forms sanitation such as disposable paper towel or individual hand wipes. Regularly washing hands and practicing good hygiene habits remains key additional preventative measure when utilizing everyday products like hand towels.

  4. Are Paper Hand Towels Recyclable?

    As this is an increasingly important concern for businesses and households alike, the answer to the question of whether paper hand towels can be recycled depends on the material used to make them. Generally, hand towels made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper are recyclable; conversely, those designed using a combination of both recycled and non-recycled material may need additional sorting or processing prior to being able to enter the recycling stream. Also important to consider is where these towels will ultimately end up - if they are discarded in a public place like a park or beach, they should be disposed of properly as recycled paper items must still receive appropriate treatment before being reused. Even though paper hand towels can indeed be recycled, there are also certain practical applications (such as medical settings) that do not permit their use due to safety considerations. For these reasons, it is wise to check with manufacturers and local municipalities before making a purchasing decision.