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What are graffiti removal products?

Our graffiti removal products are sprays and chemical solutions specifically designed to get rid of graffiti paint. When someone doodles on the outside of a building, they use a unique type of paint that’s resistant to water and hard to scrub off. Hot water and soap won’t make any difference - graffiti removal chemicals will react with the paint and remove it from the surface. Once the paint has been exposed to the removal solution, the paint can be scrubbed off or washed away with a pressure washer.

Express Cleaning Supplies is a leading provider of the very best graffiti removal products from some of the top brands in the industry. We have all the products needed to eradicate the toughest stains, regardless of what was used to apply the graffiti. So, if you have horrible graffiti tags covering your property, then we’ve got the solutions to deal with this problem once and for all.

What can graffiti removal products be used for?

This is a very specific product that’s only supposed to be used on graffiti. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and on a range of different types of graffiti paint. Typically, most of our customers buy these products to use on concrete or brick walls. However, we stock plastic-friendly graffiti removal chemicals that work on more sensitive surfaces.

From full-scale wall art to small graffiti tags, these products can be used to take care of all your graffiti woes.

What brands do we stock?

Our graffiti removal products are primarily supplied by Selden. This is one of the most trustworthy and reliable brands in the cleaning business. We have a variety of different sprays and cleaning applications that can be used around your property to get the job done.

We’re also proud to stock some excellent graffiti cleaning wipes by Ecotech. These wipes are expertly designed to wipe away paint and graffiti from your surfaces. As such, they’re perfect for indoor use as you don’t need to spray or apply any chemicals to get rid of the graffiti.

Why choose Express Cleaning Supplies?

  • Competitive Pricing - We always offer fair and competitive pricing for all of our graffiti cleaning products. We know how much of a burden graffiti can be on you, so we strive to provide the best value-for-money around.
  • Highly Experienced - With over 35 years in the cleaning supplies business, you can have full faith that we’ve got your best interests at heart. Our experience means we pick out the best and most effective products to sell to you!
  • Fast Delivery - You won’t be waiting for ages when you buy graffiti cleaning chemicals from us. We aim to deliver orders within 3 working days. But, you can call us on 01622 714800 for urgent orders, and we’ll try and get yours delivered ASAP.

If you need any guidance on what graffiti cleaning chemicals you should use, then feel free to contact us today. We’re more than happy to help, and you can start ordering your products via our website right now!