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V Sweeper 28" Complete with Sleeves

V Sweeper 28" Complete with Sleeves
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For the quick, economic sweeping of large areas using the two mop heads, which span up to 56 inch. The V sweeper is fully adjustable in action by means of the scissors action handle. Comes complete with heads. Large Crows Foot Style V Sweeper for covering and sweeping large areas and corridors. The V Sweeper Synthetic Heads generate static electricity within the pile to attract dust and debris from the floor. These superb sweeper mop heads attract and retain fine dust leaving you with a clean dust-free floor. This heavy duty sweeper mop attract the dust without the use of chemicals and can also easily be cleaned after use. It can be vacuumed clean or will also drip dry after being washed. These synthetic mop heads create a static charge which attract and hold the dust and dirt.


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