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The floors are a prime place for dirt and grime to quickly multiple if not cleaned properly. And, if you are using subpar mod and buckets, you will notice that you aren’t quite getting the floor as clean as you’d like. A high-quality mop with a mop bucket and wringers will give you the best tools for the job. Express Cleaning Supplies have a wide range of mops, mop buckets, and wringers that are perfectly suited to your cleaning requirement.

Why are mop buckets with wringers important?

The type of cleaning job that you are doing will often require a different mop bucket and wringer option. You need to take into consideration the colour and size. The wheels of your mop bucket and wringer are designed to carry heavy-duty cleaning jobs. High-quality wheels will make moving the mop bucket around easier. Our mop buckets and wringers also come in a range of styles and colours. These colours correspond to the BICS hygiene regulations for maximum protection of cross-contamination.

What mop bucket and wringer brands do we stock?

Express Cleaning Supplies stock a number of leading brands in stock at all times. You will find Contico, Kentucky, and Unger. We also stock a number of parts like castor and castor brackets.

We are a leading cleaning products supplier

We pride ourselves on supplying a wide range of cleaning products that are high-quality and ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning jobs. If you need advice we are happy to help; you can give us a call on 01622 714 800 - we’d be happy to help. We also stock an extensive range of industrial vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning machines, mops, mop buckets and wringers, cleaning chemicals, spares, PPE and clothing, janitorial trolleys, and more. We stock the leading brands in household, commercial and industrial cleaning from Bissel, Karcher, and Rug Doctor to Numatic and Truvox. This makes us the ideal one-stop-shop for your cleaning supplies.

Why purchase your mop buckets and wringers from Express Cleaning Supplies?

  • We don’t just cover mops and buckets, we specialise in cleaning products and apparatus across the board, which means that we understand the needs of our customers on more than a surface level.
  • Our buckets and wringers are usually available for immediate dispatch, which means you can get back to business as quickly as possible.
  • We understand the colour-coded requirements that correspond to BICS hygiene regulations and can give you the right guidance when making a purchase.
  • We also stock all of the cleaning products and mops to match the mop bucket and wringer that you may need.

If you need more information about which mop bucket and wringer would be ideal for your cleaning company or project, then our friendly team is happy to take your call and discuss your cleaning needs. Express Cleaning Supplies is the number one supplier for all of your cleaning requirements. Dealing only in the highest quality products, leading brands and with years of knowledge. From vacuum cleaners to the castors on your mop bucket - we’ve got you covered.