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Osprey Steam Cleaners

Here you will find industrial steam cleaners from Osprey such as the Gum Buster Cart or the Jewel Steam Cleaner.

Commercial industrial steam cleaners are great at removing dirt and grime virtually effortlessly. They operate by producing low pressure steam, but at a relatively high temperature, and whilst they are called industrial steam cleaners the water content is actually lower than normal air.

They feature a boiler, which as the name suggests converts the water in to steam, they are typically made of stainless steel and good ones feature a separate element, meaning that in the event the element burns out it can be replaced by itself without the need to replace the whole boiler.

The boiler is fed from a refill tank, which varies in size depending on the model of commercial steam cleaner, from 0.5l for a hand held unit, to 3l or more for larger floor units.

Not sure which steam cleaner is right for you? Why not have a read of our Steam Cleaners Buyers Guide today!

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