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I-Mop XL Scrubber Dryer C/W Batteries, Charger & Brushes

I-Mop XL Scrubber Dryer C/W Batteries, Charger & Brushes Special offer!
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  • No cables and messy plugs
  • Dual battery system for longer run time
  • Intelligent water usage last 3 times longer
  • Solid aluminium 360 degree swivel joint for exceptional manoeuvrability
  • 1 hour run-time / 1 hour recharge time
  • Lithium ion batteries made by LG
  • 18 inch cleaning width equal to a ride on scrubber dryer
  • Free Delivery!

Meet the I-Mop, the world's most innovative and manoeuvrable scrubber drier.

Bringing you the power of a scrubber drier with the flexibility of a standard mop, the I-Mop is a perfect choice for any commercial or contract cleaner looking for results.



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I-Mop XL Scrubber Dryer

This machine has the performance of a scrubber dryer and yet the flexibility of a flat mop. It is cordless with a 1 hour run time. It has a 360 degree titanium hinge which enables it to clean in tight spaces with ease. It can clean under beds, tables and can even clean toilet cubicles. The 18 inch cleaning width and the intelligent water usage offers the cleaning performance and speed of a large walk behind scrubber dryer.   

  • Lithium ion batteries made by LG.
  • 1 hour run-time.
  • 1 hour recharge time.
  • Use 2 battery sets for continuous use.
  • 18 inch cleaning width equal to a ride on scrubber dryer.
  • 22kg brush pressure equal to ride on machines.
  • Intelligent water usage last 3 times longer.
  • Solid Titanium 360 degree swivel joint for exceptional manoeuvrability.


Battery Specifications

  • 1 hour operation time: 24 v 23 ah Li-ion
  • Charging time 1 hour: 80% charged
  • Charging time 4 hours: 100% fully charged 

I-Mop Specifications:

  • Operational Width: 46cm
  • Theoretical performance: 1800 m2/hour
  • Practical performance: 1000 – 1300 m2/hour
  • Power rating: 700w
  • Recovery water tank: 4 litres
  • Clean water tank: 8 litres
  • Brush pressure: 22kg
  • Weight empty- without batteries: 17.5 – 21.5 kg
  • Weight with battery + water: 25.5 kg
  • I-Mop dimensions: 120 x 50 x 38 cm (H x W x D)
  • Box dimensions: 122 x 52 x 36 cm
  • Volume box: 0.23m2
  • 20′ Container loading quantity: 90 -100 pcs


Product Specification Product Specification


Help Guide

Height:1200 mmWidth:500 mm
Depth:380 mmWeight:25.5 (with batteries + full tank) kg
Capacity/Volume:8 lColour:White
Material:Aluminium AlloyDelivery Time:3-4 Days
Special Offer:event2021Cleaning Width:460 mm
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