We stock a comprehensive range of vacuum cleaners ideal for all types of requirements and purposes. 

Vacuum cleaners can be found in most if not all buildings around the world as an essential part of the floor cleaning process. Vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up dust and store it safely and securely in a disposable dust bag. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to tackle bigger and grittier cleaning tasks where more capacity and better filtration are required.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our vacuum cleaners are 240v as standard unless stated otherwise (in the title/description). If you are not sure about which vacuum you need or if the vacuum you have seen is available in a 110v model, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.

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Industrial and commercial spaces need cleaning tools that can handle larger areas and tougher jobs. Our range of heavy duty vacuum cleaners deal with cleanup in all sorts of environments, helping to keep carpets and other floors dust and dirt free. Having the best vacuum cleaner for the job makes it easier to maintain flooring and ensure floors last longer.

At Express Cleaning Supplies, we have a broad selection of industrial vacuum cleaners from well-known brands such as Numatic, Truvox, I-Team and Nilfisk. We offer high-quality vacuum cleaners with varying features, as well as vacuum bags and a supply of accessories too.

Where can you use our commercial vacuum cleaners? 

We have vacuums designed for both commercial and domestic use so you’ve always got options. For households and smaller businesses, we recommend a tub vac or a wet/dry vacuum if liquids are involved. For industrial environments and bigger businesses, we recommend a commercial vacuum or an industrial and hazardous vacuum if contaminated waste is involved.

A leading supplier of industrial vacuum cleaners 

Express Cleaning Supplies have been supplying floor cleaning machines of all varieties for many years. If you’re looking for a specific vacuum cleaner that matches your requirements, call us today 01622 714 800 and one of our cleaning experts can help you narrow down your options.
We also supply aircraft vacs, backpack vacuum cleaners, battery-powered vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum cleaners, microfilter vacs, and more. We also stock a number of tools and accessories, plus vacuum bags, to provide you with everything that you need for vacuuming your home or business. You can also browse our other floor cleaning products, including floor cleaning machines and carpet cleaning machines to keep your domestic or industrial environment as clean as possible.

What brands do you stock? 

We stock a number of top brands to bring you quality industrial vacuum cleaners. These include Numatic, Karcher, Protream, Truvox, I-Team, Sidewinder, Elite, Nilfisk, Nilco, and Sebo. We also stock vacuum bags for the models that require bags, with a choice of brands and sizes. 

Why Express Cleaning Supplies? 

- Machine servicing - Keep your commercial vacuum cleaner in top condition with our machine servicing. Our maintenance programme is offered throughout most of the UK and is designed to help protect the equipment that you purchase from us.
- Competitive pricing - Find a choice of commercial vacuum cleaners at affordable prices, allowing you to buy a machine that suits your budget.
- Fast Delivery - We aim to deliver most orders within three working days. If you need to receive your order faster, contact us to find out if we can help.
Breakdown cover - If your vacuum cleaner breaks down, we can quickly get it working again. Our breakdown cover helps with anything not covered by your maintenance programme.