Steam Cleaners

Using a steam cleaner avoids having to use nasty chemicals to remove dirt, grime and grease. This means that the only running costs you have are water and electricity and in the longer term the machine should pay for itself in the amount of money saved on not buying chemicals.

They can be used virtually anywhere and on any surface and are more versatile and clean better than a vacuum cleaner. They should not be used to clean carpets with though as a carpet cleaner uses water with a cleaning solution in it, and not steam and air like a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner is very effective at cleaning glass, leaving it dry and streak free.

It works by using the heat to break down fibres in grease and grime, making them easy to wipe away with a cloth or cleaning attachment.

They work very simply by the user pouring water in to a steam reservoir, which feeds in to a boiler where the water is super heated to form steam of up to 360 deg F, which is then blasted out through an interchangeable nozzle on to the surface that you wish to clean.

Have a read through our Steam Cleaners Buyers Guide for more information on what machine to go with.

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