Pressure Washers

There are many types of pressure washer, all of which come into one the two categories which are displayed above. These are defined by whether the machine uses cold water or hot water to work, and each type is used for cleaning differently.

Cold pressure washers tend to be cheaper and are therefore the much more popular choice when it comes to domestic levels of cleaning. They are ideal for cars, or for washing a dirty patio or stonework.

However pressure washers which use cold water tend to perform relatively poorly if there is oil or grease which needs to be cleaned away. In this case, a hot water machine would be a better choice.

Due to the heating required for the water, these machines tend to be more expensive, but are much more effective at removing stubborn dirt and oil.

Hot water pressure washers are an excellent choice for commercial use, where the washer might see use every day of the week for a variety of cleaning reasons.

A cheaper domestic method of cleaning, depending on your requirements, could be to use a steam cleaner - we have both domestic and commercial models which are suitable for various purposes. It could be recommended to read our advice on the difference between a pressure washer and a steam cleaner.

For further help and advice, read our Pressure Washer Buyers Guide, which answers most of the frequently asked questions from our customers.