Carpet Cleaning Machines

We have a huge range of carpet cleaning machines available to buy online, from various well known industrial brands. View the categories below to look through our carpet cleaners from all the major manufacturers. 

Our machines are more purposed for industrial or commercial use, but we have domestic alternatives available in a few of our categories from brands such as Karcher. However, predominantly we're here to provide cleaning businesses with the machines which are the heart of their business. 

Not sure which Carpet Cleaner is suitable for you? Read our Carpet Cleaning Machines Buyers Guide.


Carpets demand effort and expertise to keep in the best condition. Without the right, frequent care, they can quickly lose their visual appeal, and different fabrics need different kinds of treatment. As such, the cleaning process can be time-consuming, but professional carpet cleaners can help take a lot of the time and the work out of the process.

At Express Cleaning Supplies, we provide high-quality commercial and industrial carpet cleaners from the top manufacturers, ensuring the kind of deep clean your carpets need. 


Where can you use our carpet cleaning machines?


The machines we stock are primarily commercial and industrial carpet cleaner machines, designed to help cleaning businesses to provide a professional clean and exceptional results. 
The different carpet shampoo machines and washers we have for sale cover cleaning for different types of carpets, as well as the type of environment or the type of cleaning you require. Most of our carpet washers work by pumping water and cleaning chemicals onto the carpet and immediately extracting the soil and water out for disposal. However, we also have dry carpet machines, auto-mix cleaners, detergent spray features, and crevice tools to make sure all kinds of needs are covered.


Not sure which machine is suitable for you? Read our Carpet Cleaning Machines Buyers Guide.


A leading supplier of industrial carpet cleaning machines


Express Cleaning Supplies are the trusted partner of thousands of cleaning business in the UK. All of the professional carpet cleaning machines we provide are built for quality first and foremost. We understand that needs can differ from one commercial or industrial environment to the other. If you’re not certain which machine will work best to your needs, call us on 01622 714 800 and our cleaning experts will be glad to help you pinpoint it.
We don’t just stock machines for cleaning carpets. We also carry a wide range of general vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, polishers, sweepers and other floor cleaning machinery, so if a carpet washer alone isn’t the right product to meet your needs, you can supplement with additional machines and accessories.


What brands do you stock?


As official distributors of several internationally recognised brands in cleaning, we stock models from Rug Doctor and Victor, to Prochem and Truvox. Whether you’re looking for a carpet cleaning machine which will comfortably deal with an entire block of offices, or a more domestic cleaning machine such as the Henry and George cleaners which are produced by the Numatic brand.


Why Express Cleaning Supplies? 


  • Reliability and expertise – We’ve worked with a wide variety of customers for over three decades, establishing a reputation for quality supply, expertise and advice.


  • Prompt deliveries – Providing that the machine you want is in stock, we deliver almost all orders in 3 working days, with urgent delivery services also available if you simply can’t wait.


  • Carpet Machine care and maintenance – With our comprehensive, reliable machine servicing program, covering the majority of mainland UK, we can ensure your investment lasts longer and performs better for longer.


  • Breakdown cover – We also offer breakdown cover, especially helpful for machines not covered by our machine care programs, with a team of qualified engineers that can help you up and running again in no time.
  • Leasing and rentals – We also provide a rental service for a lot of our machines. If you see a 'Lease This Machine' message displayed in the list of products, then it can be hired on a monthly basis. Just contact us to get started with our rental service.


If you need any help or advice on which carpet washer brand or type would be most useful for you - just get in touch – our team knows how to achieve the best clean and which will suit your needs perfectly.