Cleaning Machines

Manually cleaning your floors and surfaces can be a time-consuming process as well being physically demanding on the user. That's why any cleaning machine can significantly speed up the job as well as provide and are ergonomically designed to make cleaning less challenging and give you an easier

We are a leading provider of high quality, reliable domestic and industrial cleaning machines from reputable brands such as Numatic, Truvox, Victor, Nilfisk, Karcher and I-Mop just to name a few. Each manufacturer offers a cleaning solution for various tasks such as vacuuming, floor buffing, floor stripping, sweeping and even jet washing.

So whether you're looking to tidy an office, or give your warehouse a big clean, we've got a cleaning machine and cleaning supplies for any and every task!


Industrial & Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine

All of our machines can be used in a professional context as well as a domestic environment and for all surfaces that need regular maintenance.

You’ll need to carefully choose your cleaner machine based on the type of surface or floors you’ll be cleaning. We provide machines built for hard to clean areas such as steamers for hospitals all the way through to escalator cleaners to clean escalator treads.

A Leading Supplier of Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

We provide a diverse range of machines for cleaning floors of all varieties such as hard floors, hardwood, tiles, laminate, concrete, epoxy, ceramic, vinyl, marble, natural stone and rubber as well as carpet. If you’re looking for a commercial floor cleaning machine for a particular type of floor but aren’t sure on your options, get in touch with us on 01622 714 800 and speak with our cleaning experts.

We provide a huge range of pressure washers, polishers and sweepers as well as cleaners for carpets and pressure washers and scrubber dryers, ensuring that your floor is not only clean and tidy, but looks brilliant from every angle too.

We also have a great range of cleaning machines for general purposes, such as hard-wearing vacuum cleaners for keeping floors dust and dirt free throughout the home, the office, or even outdoors.

What Brands do you Stock?

We are official distributors of leading brands such as Karcher, Prochem, Truvox, Rug Doctor, Bissel and Nilfisk. We also stock the revolutionary cordless I-Mop which performs just like a scrubber dryer, but has the flexibility and versatility of a regular mop.

Why Express Cleaning Supplies?

  • Competitive pricing - We offer fair pricing for our machines, providing affordable cleaning solutions to both organisations and for use in the home.
  • A reliable supplier - We specialise in the supply of professional cleaning supplies, carpet cleaning machines or steam cleaners and, since our inception over 35 years ago, we, have built a great reputation for reliability as well as expertise and advice.
  • Fast Delivery - If we have your machine in stock, we aim to deliver all orders within 3 working days. If you require urgent delivery, call us on 01622 714800 and we will work out a solution for you.
  • Machine servicing - To keep your machine functioning at its best, we offer a competitive and reliable maintenance programme through our new service department, with on-site visits available around London and Medway. We’re committed to ensuring the longevity of your purchase so you can continue to produce quality cleaning work.
  • Breakdown cover - We have a 12 month Return-to-base warranty on all of our machines. Should anything go wrong with your machine due to a manufacturing fault, our experience engineers will repair your machine as good as new.
  • Lease options - We offer machine leasing and renting depending on the brand and type of machine you require. If you see a 'Lease This Machine' message displayed in the list of products, then it can be hired on a monthly basis. Just contact us to get started with our rental service.

If you need any help or advice on which surface or floor cleaning machine model, brand or type would be most useful for you - just get in touch - one of our staff will be more than happy to help advise you about which scrubber dryer will be best for your requirements.

  1. What are the Best Cleaning Machines?

    Cleaning is a tedious, time-consuming task and having the right cleaning machine can lighten the workload. Finding the best product for your home or commercial needs is essential to get a job done efficiently and effectively. Consider factors such as maintenance cost, energy efficiency, manoeuvrability, water pressure and water extraction when shopping for suitable equipment. Many top manufacturers offer a range of machines that cater to different needs and budgets so finding the ideal fit should not be difficult. With proper use and maintenance, these machines can make cleaning much more manageable and reduce both monetary cost and time investment.

  2. What Machine is Used for Cleaning?

    There are a variety of machines used for cleaning today, including vacuum cleaners, mops, floor polishers and steam cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are the most popular choice amongst households due to their convenience and price point, while larger commercial spaces benefit more from floor polishers and multi-purpose steam cleaners. A steam cleaner can help clean hard surfaces such as carpets and floors as well as easily disinfect areas both indoors and outdoors. For smaller jobs like upholstery or fabric furniture, handheld vacuums are easy to use and provide excellent suction for those harder to reach places. Whether you're looking for a deep clean or desperately trying to get rid of those pesky pet hairs around your house, there's a machine out there that can do the job efficiently and at an affordable cost.

  3. What Equipment is Used in Industrial Cleaning?

    Industrial cleaning requires special equipment to ensure the job is done properly. This includes industrial vacuums with powerful suction that can handle a variety of debris, from dry particulate matter to liquids and sludge. Pressure washers are also essential for removing caked on dirt. In addition, ladders and lifts, as well as specialized power scrubbers, may be required for hard-to-reach surfaces and larger spaces that can’t be easily maneuverer. For delicate, sensitive surfaces such as hospital operating rooms or clean rooms in the semiconductor industry, tools such as heap vacs or atomizers are used to supply a steady stream of mist to clean difficult areas without disturbing their composition or integrity. Industrial cleaning is both an art and a science, requiring experts with knowledge of safety precautions and access to applicable equipment.