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Duplex Machines

The Duplex range of floor cleaners offer amazing and efficient cleaning at remarkable prices. Introducing the Duplex 280 which offers a mains and battery powered option, an easy to use floor cleaner for use in small areas like household environments. The Duplex 340 offers a slightly wider cleaning width for better coverage of the work area. The Duplex 420 provides a much larger cleaning reach for use in environments such as hallways and corridors. Finally we have the Duplex 620, which has a massive 550mm cleaning width. This is the top of the range floor cleaner, allowing users to cover large areas like sports halls, dining halls and public buildings (just to name a few) with ease and efficiency.

Duplex offers Steam variants for the 340, 420 and 620 models, these are a more economic option that require no cleaning chemicals due to their powerful integrated steam system. The Steam is supplied directly to one of the contra rotating brushes, which provides sanitised floors and an almost immediate dry surface.

All machines are eligible for:

  • Free shipping to Mainland UK
  • 1 Year RTB Warranty
  • Free demonstration if needed
  • Annual Maintenance contract