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B M Polyco

BM Polyco is the UK’s largest supplier of household and disposable Consumer gloves, with a market share in excess of  60%.  

Customers include all the major consumer grocery multiples as well as the Catering and Food Service industry via national wholesalers.

BM Polyco has developed a strong branded presence in the UK with brands such as Bizzybee and Finesse within its portfolio.

It has a strong track record of product innovation bringing many new developments in to the market.

In addition to household, disposable, gardening and DIY gloves, BM Polyco is a key player in the cleaning cloths market with nonwoven all purpose cloths, sponge cloths and microfibre cloths.

With the recent acquisition of ELHC, Polyco has a strong presence in the Consumer Healthcare sector with cotton wool (organic and Fair Trade), impregnated wipes, and a range of first aid products.