TwinTec Scrubber Driers

Which TwinTec scrubber drier should I choose?

The TwinTec range from Numatic brings high performance specifications and ergonomic design together to provide an all-in-one experience fit for any commercial or contract cleaning task.

TwinTec scrubbers are unique due to the choice that users are given with each providing a different cleaning width and tank capacity as well as being compatible with a diverse selection of accessories. TwinTec names are determined by the capacity and the brush width of each machine so the TT4045G has a 40L tank and a 450mm brush width.

You have a choice between a mains or battery operated machine as well as ride on machines, each with their own features and benefits.


Mains powered scrubbers offer much more power compared to battery powered machines which makes them more effective at handling rougher flooring where a heavy duty machine is required. Mains operated machines are also naturally cheaper as there is no need to maintain batteries. The drawback however is that you have less freedom to move around where the cable needs to be plugged into an outlet.


Battery operated scrubbers are all about providing accessibility and safety as there are no cables holding you back. The larger battery operated machines are powered by 2 x 12v batteries and can run for almost 2 and a half hours on a full charge (8 hour charging time).  They are more expensive to purchase in comparison to mains powered machines but cheaper than ride on scrubbers.

Ride On:

The ride on is a portable battery operated cleaning experience with the added comfort for the user of sitting down and not having to push any heavy machinery. The ride on machines are based on a slim, compact design so you can reach all the same areas that the regular walk behinds can reach. They are somewhere in between mains and battery in terms of power so its ideal for light/medium duty tasks as well as slightly heavier soiling. The drawback is the price, being the most expensive choice out of the three.

In conclusion?

Choose a mains powered machine if you have flooring with heavy soiling that needs power over portability.

Choose a battery powered machine for light to medium duty tasks where you can compromise power over portability.

Choose a ride on machine for larger areas with light/medium to slightly heavier soiling where the added comfort will be beneficial over a longer period of time.

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