Detergents & Chemicals

Detergents & Chemicals

Here you'll find our range of window cleaning detergents and chemicals - the most necessary and commonly replaced item of the window cleaning profession.

These are on sale from the major window brands, including Ungers and Squeegee. Available in a range of sizes depending on your requirements; from 500ml bottles through to 5 litre.

Products range from detergents to soaps, allowing for professional window cleaning time and time again.

Remember we stock a great range of window cleaning accessories and replaceable items too, from buckets to applicators.

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Ungers Liquid x 1 ltr
From £3.66 inc. VAT
Ungers Liquid x 5 ltr
From £18.12 inc. VAT
Unger Rub Out 500ml
From £13.44 inc. VAT
Squeegee Magic x 5 ltr
From £7.14 inc. VAT
Squeegee Off x 5ltr
From £34.20 inc. VAT
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