Here you'll find our range of Window Cleaning Cloths available to buy online.

These are available in a great range of cloth styles depending on your requirements. From simple microfibre cloths, through to chamois leather hides to provide the ultimate shine, we provide the entire range from simple to professional.

One of the most important items of the window cleaning trade, cloths need to be of the highest quality in order to get the best shine on a window surface - here at Express Cleaning Supplies we only offer the most quality of items - so order in confidence today.

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Unger Giant Microwipe 24 Inch x 32 Inch
From £5.88 inc. VAT
Microwipe Glass Cloth
From £1.80 inc. VAT
Grade Two Scrim
From £3.00 inc. VAT
Unger Microwipe 16 Inch x 16 Inch
From £2.16 inc. VAT
Grade One Prewashed Scrim
From £4.68 inc. VAT
Grade One Scrim
From £3.96 inc. VAT
100% Hide Chamois Leather
From £9.60 inc. VAT
Synthetic Chamois
From £2.28 inc. VAT
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