Urinal Freshener Systems

Urinal Freshener Systems

Here you'll find our range of Urinal Freshener Products, including management systems, dispensers, dosing units, and refills.

Refills are available in a choice of scents depending on your preference, from an exotic garden fragrance to citrus tingle scent. These refills are sold in packs of 6.

Additionally we offer water management systems and dosing units to ensure commercial urinal installations are appropriately freshened every few minutes depending on the individual requirements.

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Quadrasan Biosolve x 310 ml
From £10.07 inc. VAT
Quadrasan Dosing Unit
From £71.59 inc. VAT
Vectair Sensaflush Water Management System
From £245.74 inc. VAT
Quadrasan Citrus Tingle Refill x 310 ml
From £9.67 inc. VAT
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