Deodourisers & Fresheners

Deodourisers & Fresheners

Here you'll find our range of Deodorisers and Odour Fresheners for toilets and bathrooms, all available to buy online.

These products range from odour freshening products for urinals such as deodoriser screens (available in varying styles and colours) and scented channel blocks, through to disinfectant products and bleaches for toilets - including bleach flush tablets and 5 litre bottles of odour destroying Sanex branded disinfectant.

Whatever the requirement, for removing odours from a toilet or bathroom and keeping things smelling fresh, we offer a product suitable.

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Urinal Deodoriser Screen - Flat Blue
From £2.52 inc. VAT
Re-Odo Disinfectant Deodoriser  x 5 ltr
From £7.20 inc. VAT
Urinal Screen & Bio Block
From £2.99 inc. VAT
Vectair V-Screen Urinal Screen
From £1.73 inc. VAT
Sanilav Urinal Channel Blocks Citrus Zest x 3kg
From £15.54 inc. VAT
Lu Blue Blob 1 x 12
From £9.36 inc. VAT
Toilet Rim Blocks 1 x 12
From £7.44 inc. VAT
Quadrasan Breakdown x 5ltr
From £30.60 inc. VAT
Sanilav Urinal Channel Blocks Citrus Zest x 36
From £13.20 inc. VAT
Sanex Odour Destroyer x 750 ml
From £3.30 inc. VAT
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