Pre Work Cream

Pre Work Cream

Here you'll find our range of Pre Work Cream; Barrier Cream for hands and skin prior to working in industrial environments or with machining work.

These products range from 480ml barrier cream spray cans, through to quantities more suitable for bulk usage, including 1 litre and 5 litre bottles suitable for use in dispensers or similar.

Ideal for use in conjunction with our range of After Work Cream, to allow for pre and post work skin protection from oil, dirt and grease.

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Barrier Cream x 5 ltrs
From £16.20 inc. VAT
Barrier Cream 8 x 750 ml
From £20.16 inc. VAT
Selden Barrier Cream  x 480 ml
From £3.24 inc. VAT
Deb Stokoderm Protect PURE 6 x 1 ltr
From £108.95 inc. VAT
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