Specialist Sacks

Specialist Sacks

Here you'll find our range of Specialist Refuge Sacks, ideal for particular requirements such as medical or degradable requirements.

We stock yellow clinical sacks for disposal (incineration) of medical items - while we also stock fully bio degradeable waste sacks in packs of 200, ideal for composting or otherwise.

We also provide water soluble laundry bags, ideal for doing laundry where clothing items may be unsuitable to touch.

All of the above can be ordered online and are available in packs of 200 sacks.

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Degradable Sack 18" x 29" x 39" x 200
From £17.28 inc. VAT
Red Soluble Strip Laundry Bags 18" x 28" x 30" x 200
From £17.94 inc. VAT
Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks 18"x28"x39" x 200
From £25.78 inc. VAT
Clinical Waste Sack 11" X 17" X 26" X 500
From £21.54 inc. VAT
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