Clear Sacks

Clear Sacks

Here you'll find our range of Clear Refuse Sacks available to buy online.

These are available in a choice of types, depending on your waste requirement. For example, disposing of relatively light items such as foam or polystyrene can be disposed of with our lightweight clear sacks. However in the case of waste such as large quantities of paper, metal, or other heavy items, then our heavyweight clear sacks would be more suitable.

These clear waste sacks are sold in rolls of 100 or 200 bags depending on the quantity you desire.

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Clear Compactor Sacks x 100 20" x 34" x 47"
From £32.40 inc. VAT
Heavy Weight Clear Sacks 18"x29"x39" x 200
From £21.60 inc. VAT
Light Weight Clear Refuse Sacks 16"x25"x39" x 200
From £19.74 inc. VAT
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