Control Rolls

Control Rolls

Here you'll find our range of Control Roll Paper Towels - these are available in varying types depending on your requirements, from simple blue 1 ply control roll and 2 ply white roll towels, through to our Hy-Dry 1 ply green towels.

These are ideal for bulk purchases, with each type being sold in packs of 6 or 16.

Roll lengths vary depending on the product, with lengths ranging from 76 metres per roll to 180 metres.

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1 Ply Blue Control Roll 6 x 180 mtr
From £25.08 inc. VAT
2 Ply White Roll Towel 6 x 110m
From £32.40 inc. VAT
1 Ply White Roll Towel 6 x 150 mtr
From £30.60 inc. VAT
White Ultimatic Roll Towel 160m X 6
From £61.20 inc. VAT
Hy-Dry Green Roll Towel 1-Ply 16 x 76 mtr
From £31.20 inc. VAT
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