Concrete / Brick Cleaners

Concrete / Brick Cleaners

Here you'll find our range of cleaning products for concrete and brick surfaces.

We supply a choice of products depending on your requirements - from a simple 1 litre bottle of Acid Wash through to 5 Litre bottles of Acid Wash or Selden Selscale cleaning concentrate.

These powerful descaling products generally require dilution before use, depending on your area of use - instructions are printed on each bottle so make sure to read these before use.

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Acid Wash 80 x 5 ltr
From £7.56 inc. VAT
Selden Selscale x 5 ltr
From £7.08 inc. VAT
Acid Wash 80 x 1 ltr
From £2.52 inc. VAT
Rosate 36 TF Concentrated Glyphosate Weedkiller x 5ltr
From £74.40 inc. VAT
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