Spray Bottles & Plungers

Spray Bottles & Plungers

Here you'll find our range of water spray bottles, funnels and bottle pumps.

Ideal for holding water or other liquids for spraying, these bottles come complete with trigger sprays or pump up sprayers.

For dispensing soaps or other liquids from bottles, we stock a range of plungers and pumps.

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5 ltr Plunger
From £2.76 inc. VAT
New Style Plunger For Clover 5Ltr Bottles
From £4.03 inc. VAT
650 ml Bottle Complete With Trigger Spray
From £1.80 inc. VAT
1.5 ltr Pump Up Sprayer
From £16.20 inc. VAT
1 Litre Plastic Measuring Jug
From £1.62 inc. VAT
5 Inch Funnel
From £1.14 inc. VAT
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