Dustpan & Brushes

Dustpan & Brushes

One of the most frequently used items of cleaning equipment, a Dustpan and Brush is virtually a necessity in any household or workplace.

Available in a wide range of styles, from wire brushes, to natural brushes to fibre brushes, we offer soft and stiff brushes depending on your preference.

A range of colours are also available, with primary colours being available for some models, while blacks and silvers are available with others.

Brushes are also sold with a choice of plastic or wooden handles.

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Plastic Dustpan And Stiff Brush
From £2.28 inc. VAT
Light Weight Lobby Dustpan & Brush
From £9.84 inc. VAT
Plastic Scrubbing Brush
From £1.44 inc. VAT
Black Enamel Lobby Dustpan
From £34.68 inc. VAT
Retail Dustpan & Brush Set
From £1.80 inc. VAT
Contico Lobby Brush Head & Handle
From £10.08 inc. VAT
Contico Open Long Handle Dustpan & Brush
From £31.08 inc. VAT
13" Wide Black Enclosed Metal Dustpan
From £7.15 inc. VAT
Plastic Dustpan And Soft Brush
From £2.28 inc. VAT
Soft Plastic Hand Brush
From £1.44 inc. VAT
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