Eye Care

Eye Care

Here at Express Cleaning Supplies we offer supplies for health and hygiene in the office, including a range of Eye Wash Solution as shown above.

These products range from simple single 250ml bottles of Eye Wash, through to sterile eyewash solution kits for use with first aid.

Eye pads, baths and pods are also available within this section, as part of a Medikit pack.

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Eye Wash Solution x 250ml
From £3.54 inc. VAT
Eye Wash Solution Pods 20ml x 25
From £14.34 inc. VAT
Emergency Sterile Eyewash Station
From £19.14 inc. VAT
Medikit Eye Pod Station C/W 10 x 20ml Pods & 2 Eye Pads
From £19.14 inc. VAT
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