Steam Cleaners Domestic

Steam Cleaners Domestic

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Are you fed up with wasting hours trying to clean off grease in your commercial kitchen? It just gets everywhere does it not? And the minute you have finished cleaning it off then it seems to re-appear overnight. Indeed in most commercial kitchens grease and dirt removal is a daily task that needs carrying out, particularly as when excess grease builds up it can harbour bacteria.

However removing grease and dirt build up often involves the use of cleaning chemicals that are far from being friendly to use either for the environment or humans, but they are a necessary evil to keep things hygienic.

Cleaning chemicals can be costly to buy and you will need to purchase them on an ongoing basis. Also they are highly reliant on you using a lot of manual effort to remove the grease. So why not look at using a steam cleaner instead, which can be used daily.

Domestic steam cleaners work by using low pressure steam (up to 150psi) and very high temperature steam (up to 360 deg F), which kills just about all bacteria, mold, and allogens that it passes over. The heat loosens dirt by breaking down the fibres in it and this then makes it far easier to wipe off.

One of the most frequently asked questions is asking, "Can steam cleaners clean carpets?" - We answer that question as thoroughly as possible in the linked article.

Whilst they are called steam cleaners the moisture content in them is only 3 to 5%, which is actually less moisture content than normal dry air.

The real advantage of them is that they kill the bacteria and remove all of the dirt without using any chemicals whatsoever. They operate using only water to produce the steam and have no chemicals added at all. The steam produced is also very localised and can be directed in to very specific areas depending on the cleaning tool fitted to the steam cleaner. In general this means that they can be used very close to other people working without any danger of them getting burnt by the steam.

Also running on just water means they are very cheap to run, the smaller models use next to no electricity, and a quart of water will produce hundreds of cubic metres of steam.

The fact that they kill nearly all bacteria and allogens in particular means that a domestic steam cleaner is also ideal for use in cleaning rooms for people that suffer badly from allergies.

They do not cost the Earth to purchase with models now starting at well under £100.

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