Karcher Steam Cleaners

Karcher Steam Cleaners

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Here you will find a few of the domestic steam cleaners from Karcher and some of the more professional machines from the SGV range.

Steam cleaners work by using low pressure steam (up to 150psi) and very high temperature steam (up to 360 deg F), which kills just about all bacteria, mold, and allogens that it passes over. The heat loosens dirt by breaking down the fibres which as a result makes it far easier to wipe off.

The real advantage of steam cleaning is that they kill the bacteria and remove all of the dirt without using any chemicals whatsoever. They operate using only water to produce the steam and have no chemicals added at all.

Also running on just water means they are very cheap to run, the smaller models use next to no electricity, and a quart of water will produce hundreds of cubic metres of steam.

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Karcher SC4 Dry Steam Cleaner
From £249.60 inc. VAT
Round Brush Set With Brass Bristles
From £10.14 inc. VAT
Karcher SG 4/4 240v Steam Cleaner
From £774.00 inc. VAT
Pressurised steam iron I 6006  iron for Karcher Steam Cleaners
From £114.00 inc. VAT
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