Floor Polishers & Scrubbers

You would think that a floor polisher as its name suggests is just used for polishing floors, however this is a generic name which is slightly misleading as they are actually used for carrying out a wide range of cleaning services of which polishing floors to a nice shiny finish is only one of them.

Typical models start at just over £400 and can rise to over a £1,000 for a high end model, thus at the entry level this makes them extremely affordable even for most small businesses and very affordable for most commercial cleaning companies.

Most common floor polishers in general tend to have two operating speeds one of around 150 RPM for scrubbing floors and a second higher speed of around 300 RPM for polishing floors. They do not tend to have variable speed controls as the operator would struggle to maintain a constant speed when using them for hours at a time, which they typically are when cleaning larger commercial premises.

A typical machine will have a 450mm pad size and will accept a variety of different brushes, which can be used from anything from removing floor wax, to applying it, cleaning floors with disinfectant solutions as well general polishing.