Elite Carpet Solutions

Elite Carpet Solutions

Listed above is our range of specialist carpet cleaning chemicals, floor cleaning sprays and liquids.

From our own Express Solutions brand, these products are designed with the hardest and toughest stains in mind.

Whether you're looking for a simple carpet cleaning spray to keep in the cupboard for use every now and then, or whether you're a commercial cleaning business looking to replenish stock with new carpet cleaning products, then we have products available for you.

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Elite Extraction Clean  x 5 ltr
From £7.44 inc. VAT
Elite Traffic Lane Cleaner x 5ltr
From £10.74 inc. VAT
The Elite Range Starter Kit
From £59.94 inc. VAT
Elite Stain Away x 750 ml
From £3.00 inc. VAT
Elite Defoamer x 5 ltr
From £9.54 inc. VAT
Elite Fabric Rinse x 5 Ltr
From £11.88 inc. VAT
Elite Lemon Deodoriser x 5ltr
From £13.14 inc. VAT
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