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Uniwipe presents its top of the range line of wipes that can handle a multitude of situations, whether this be cleaning washrooms, cleaning in catering or even removing grime in industrial environments! Uniwipes provide effective sanitising and easy dirt removal due to its low-lint fabric technology, making quick work of dust and grimy surfaces for that clean and hygienic finish. And don't worry about using up wipes quickly! Unlike standard market wipes, each Uniwipe cloth has the power to stay wet for up to an hour, allowing for prolonged wiping action for tough and long jobs!

All products are also colour coded in accordance to the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) which provide a handy guide for which wipes work in which situation. Packs include 100 neatly packed 8-fold cloths for easy storage and for maximum coverage when unfolded (cloths measure at 380mm x 250mm).

For more information, please see each individual product for details on its uses and key features.

See the Ultra Grime wipes in action!

Uniwipe Washroom Wipes x 100
From £10.50 inc. VAT
Uniwipe Clinical Wipes x 100
From £10.50 inc. VAT
Uniwipe Multi Purpose Wipes x 100
From £10.50 inc. VAT
Uniwipe Catering Wipes x 100
From £10.50 inc. VAT
Uniwipe Ultra Grime Wipes x 100
From £10.50 inc. VAT
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